5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media


1. It is fast.

Using the internet is the fastest way for a business to get its message across to the publics. After a tweet or a Facebook post is typed it only requires one click and the message is public. One click is all it takes.

2. It is user friendly. 

People use social media on a regularly basis. Some people even treat their social media networks as their morning paper. When they wake up it is the first thing they look at and the last thing they look at before they go to bed. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all fairly easy sights to maneuver. These sights also allow the costumer to comment their feelings towards the company or product they are selling. It makes the costumer feel like they are in control.

3. It is easy. 

It seems as though almost everyone in the world has some sort of social media site. The age range on Facebook seems to be very large. There are people in junior high that have Facebooks and along with grandparents that have Facebook. The age range proves that social media is the fastest and easiest way for a business to communicate with its publics.

4. Good way to respond to publicity. 

Often times when people are happy with a company or upset with a company their feelings are expressed through their social media sites. Since it is so easy for a company to see what is being said about them on social media it is easy for them to reply. This will make both the customer and company happy because the costumer will get their problem fixed and the company will get good publicity.

 5. Good way to expand sales. 

Companies that develop successful twitters usually have several followers. A successful company develops tweets about their products and gets their followers to retweet those tweets. The process of retweeting allows for a broader range of people to see those tweets, therefore expanding the audience of the tweet and hopefully the sales of the product. I think a successful twitter account could greatly increase a company’s success.


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